Q: Are Peelz Genetically Modified (GMO)?

A: Peelz delivers non-GMO mandarins with a smile.

Q: Where are Peelz mandarins farmed?

A: All Peelz mandarins are farmed in the California’s San Joaquin Valley.

Q: Does Peelz offer organically grown mandarins?

A: While we don’t currently have organically grown mandarins available, our organic Peelz mandarins are coming soon!

Q: Are Peelz produced on the same lines as nuts, etc.? Is there a risk of cross-contaminations?

A: Good news! No allergens or allergen environments are found in our Peelz farming or production facilities.

Q: Are Peelz bags recyclable?

A: Peelz bags are recyclable in some areas where polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is acceptable. Check with your local waste contractor for more information!

Q: Does Peelz use pesticides?

A: Our primary concern is the safety of our consumers and the wholesomeness of our mandarins. To reduce our pesticide use, we use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method, a combination of natural and synthetic means to reduce disease and control pests. Any pesticide used is in compliance with the federal and state laws, and complies with the registration policies of the U.S. EPA.