Slide blue circle shape impact Peelz Mandarin's in bowl Farming in California’s Central Valley for 70 years, Peelz was one of the first growers to plant mandarins on 20 acres of land in 1999. After the first crop, we realized we were producing a remarkable fruit—portable, easy to peel, juicy and sweet!

Today, Peelz has expanded into a full citrus brand made up of mandarins, dekopons, navel oranges, and Cara Cara oranges. Grown on 6,000 acres of California farmland, quality, care, and consistency are found in every piece of Peelz Citrus. What Peelz plants today transcends the everyday farming business—what we do is meant to pass onto the next generation, with healthy food, quality employment and better living.

Because the best way to make life sweet is to spread the sweetness.
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Essential to the Peelz Citrus values, we invest in relevant issues in our own community: food insecurity, access to healthcare, sustainable practices, and quality education. Our employees are engaged in a robust corporate culture that includes perks like complimentary meals at one of our two on-site cafeterias, on-site health clinic visits at no cost, and employee family scholarships.

We are also proud to be among the biggest supporters of local organizations like Central California Food Bank, Valley Children’s Hospital, and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, to name a few.


Environmental responsibility is an important consideration at every stage of the Peelz operation. We use non-invasive farming practices with modern planting methods, cutting edge drip irrigation systems, eco-friendly pest management, all at a facility that is 90% powered by solar—one of the largest solar installations in California. From investments in organics to sustainable packaging, Peelz Citrus is committed to conserving California’s most precious resources.

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