introductionz, plz

What is Peels? Well firstly, it’s not Peels. It’s Peelz. With a Z. The last letter of the alphabet because we’re the last mandarin you’ll ever need to try.

Full Stop.

And like zebra, Zoro, and zag, we unapologetically stand for something simple, and just a little different.

Because, here’z the thing: when you peel back ONE mandarin, right down to its core, it really is that simple. It’z not a magic sphere of self-actualization. It’s not an elixir of the newfound-fountain of whatever you find on nighttime TV. It’s a mandarin— plain and simple. And if there’s one thing we know, it’s what’z inside that peel.

You see we have a long history of growing citrus. Like decadez. But somewhere around 2019, we took all that history and decided the world of citrus fruit has had enough of looking back. So, we put a stake in the ground and surrounded it by about 40,000 trees, looked the world square in the eyez and said, “This iz Peelz.”

This is a snack that kids like, but adultz frigging love.

Thiz iz Peelz.

This iz a snack for people who want a snack.
No more, no less.

Thiz iz Peelz.

Thiz iz a new version of an old favorite.
Thiz iz 5 minutez to yourzelf.
Thiz iz the upside of a downday.
The fruit for the modern world.

Thiz iz Peelz.

And just like you saw all those little z’s popping up
as you read thiz thing—

you’re about to see a whole lot more of uz too.